Dear Dino:

During my recent crystal energy sessions, I have played the "Cell Regeneration" and having some wonderful experiences for the client and myself.  There are segments that I feel a "dolphin frequency" come through your music; and there are chills that run through me to the crystals and to the client,,,,the sessions have taken on a very deep, relaxing & joyful sensation. I am smiling throughout the whole session. So a message from my "crystal buddies" to you: they LOVE your musical creation.....Thank you,  ChristiElla  Director of Land of Om  Overland Park Kansas

“I’d been bloated for weeks and was preparing for a cleanse. Instead, I reclined with Dino’s Weight Loss CD and immediately felt my intestines gently moving, feeling lighter each minute. How easy is that?! Then my first listen to his power-full “Cell Regeneration” CD activated a barrage of “signs/symbols” (new for me in this life!)."—Connie “Crash” Humiston, Shawnee , KS  Evolving Magazine
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Greetings Dino  I had the honor of doing an Angel Healing with you at the PRS Fair. I wanted to share with you that I fell asleep listening to the cell regeneration cd and I drifted into the middle of the ocean. I will surely be using these cds in my sessions. I had a very peaceful rest that night.  Sending love,  KeShaundra            

Dino Athan

The Vibrational Attunement Series is a direct result of my two year channeling sessions with Archangel Ariel



Archangel Ariel can help you heal.

When you live out of alignment and with disease, the incredible impact it has on you, your life, and those around you is tremendous. Even the effort to heal becomes difficult as you struggle with stress and the disruptions illness causes. With enormous love, an Archangel has sent us the help we all need to live healthier.

"Vibrational Attunement works on all the layers of the body as well as the different layers of the spirit."

Archangel Ariel




What is Vibrational Attunement?

This is an excerpt from a channeling session with Archangel Ariel when she responded to my question, "What is Vibrational Attunement?" "All beings vibrate to a vibrational frequency that can be measured and heard, and that vibrational frequency is our unique fingerprint to who and what we are. It is also our unique fingerprint to our health and well being. Through vibrational frequency adjustment we can fine tune any program that exists in the geometric structures of our own frequencies. Those geometric structures that have become shattered or torn or dislodged because of emotional or physical trauma can turn into illness or pain in the physical body. By fine tuning and adjusting the vibrational frequencies as well as using the sacred geometry of sound to utilize and move through the body, we can adjust those frequencies and correct and repair the geometric shapes."

Imagine the soothing sounds of music playing while your body heals. These are recordings that involve no one touching you, or asking you to sit still, or schedule an appointment. They allow you to choose the time and best of all they allow you to heal in a space that is yours and not in an office or rest area that isn't your home

With immense love from Archangel Ariel these powerful healing tools are now available through the web site. To listen to excerpts of the music please visit the CD Previews page.  You can also visit the Online Store to purchase CD's. CD's are 
$17.00 each, two for 30$, or all 8 for $90 for the entire series (Shipping Included). Thank you very much for visiting the site. Any comments are welcome. Dino Athan


"Hello Dino If your interested in results on your tape. Thank you for sending it. I have an objective view on it and I actually have results. I was actually astounded. My mom took readings on my blood pressure and we both had to do double readings to verify our findings. But as incredible as it is it definitely worked. My blood pressure was down more than 20 points. I'd like to talk to you and I'd be happy to document this and do a testimonial for you because it definitely did work as subtle and methodical and melodic as it was. It was quite nice."

Matthew, Palm springs



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Send your comments regarding your personal experiences with the Vibrational Attunement CD’s, and I will post so others can benefit from your encounter with these powerful healing tools. If you take the time to share, you contribute to making the wonderful gift that Ariel has given us available to everyone.